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Starlake H9 apartment project has 3 commercial floors in 3 layouts 901, 902 and 903 are now opening for sale. Total land area is 2.5ha including 603 apartments. With a construction density only 31.5%, the space for commercial floor is about 7000sqm.





The 03 commercial floors of H9 apartment is a really reasonable for investor cause:


  •  Located in the 186 ha of Starlake Tay Ho Tay project complex with 100% foreign investor. Infrastructure around the project has develop by each day.
  •  Citizens of Starlake are among the few customers with the highest income in Hanoi.
  •  The 03 commercial floors will serve about 1200 apartments and about 650 villas around.
  •  In addition to the housing area, in near future Starlake project also has 8 departments, 25 office buildings and 2 5-star hotel.
  •  The commercial floors of H9 Starlake stay in phase 1, with specific characteristics of only 22 shop house using for commercial purposes, the rest area are Villa and apartment products. That mean the liquidity of the retail is really good.
  •  Next to H9 apartment building is Nghia Do urban area with more than 1.000 apartments and villas but there is only 1 floor for retail and has not come into operation after years.


  •  The area of the retail plot in Starlake apartment project is divided quite flexible from the smallest area of 25 sqm to the largest is 313 sqm
  •  Estimated selling price is about 120 million per sqm
  •  Expected time to sign deposit agreement: End of August 2019 
  •  Time to Sign Sale and Purchase Contract: In September 2019


For more information, please contact the hotline: 1800.0003 / 0961.669.379

Starlake has started signing Apartment’s SPC with the first customers

Start launching from June 2018, so far STARLAKE has been conquering the most difficult customers. In early September, the very first customers have signed the sales and purchase contract (SPC) in STARLAKE office and receive gifts from the investor.

The full range of gold elements in terms of location, planning, design … STARLAKE is expected to be a new destination of a modern & comfortable place; a future living experiences

Located in STARLAKE WEST West Lake, 2.5 ha STARLAKE apartment complex consists of 603 luxury apartments in 3 towers with 24 floors with construction density of only 31.5%, the rest area for green spaces and high-class amenities: outdoor four-season swimming pool, indoor golf, gym, yoga, playground…Residents will have a chance to enjoy a lifestyle that never experience before.

Each apartment are designed follow Korean style in harmony with Vietnamese culture, STARLAKE apartment brings a luxury living space & peace right in the heart of Hanoi

If you are looking for a peace, luxury and comfortable place in the center of Hanoi for living, STARLAKE is the ideal choice!

Model house opening in 22 May, 2018

In a vibrant development of the real estate market, “Chon mat gui vang” (meaning: try before you trust) a prestigious project is the concern of many customers. With STARLAKE urban, a project located at western of West Lake, you and your family will have chance to experience a high quality of living & working space right in the center of Hanoi.

Starlake project was being invested & constructed by Daewoo E&C, one of Korea’s largest construction developers, with nearly 50 years of experience building house. With high prestige and strong financial, the progress of the project is always in guaranteed. At the 1st phase of Starlake urban, 364 unit of villas, terrace houses and shop houses have been built & handed over in the end of 2017 (almost 90%).

The highlight point of Starlake project is location. Considered as the “Last golden place” in Hanoi, developed by reputable foreign investors Daewoo E&C. Starlake project become the new administrative center of Hanoi. Therefore, construction density only takes 16% in total the land area. With a low density of housing, Starlake bring in the most modern and synchronous infrastructure like: green parks, international schools, high class hotels, grade A offices, central areas, entertainment center, sports center… with the best care services following to Korean standards design.

Following the success of the first phase, Starlake is proud to bring the first high-end apartment building in Tay Ho Tay. In the context of the market with high supply of high-rise products, customers seem to be struggling by the design products, construction density, the same infrastructure. Starlake will bring to customers a distinct difference because of its stylish design and Korean style.

With a construction rate of only 31% on 2.5 hectares, floor area ratio rate only 455% , it will be reserved for 603 luxury apartments ranging from 2 to 4 bedrooms with apartment area from 91.25 to 288.13 sqm. Suitable for small family or family with many generations. Designed follow Korean style with the subtle: optimizing light, convection wind, the best elevator density, only 5-9 apartments on a floor with 3-4 lifts, Hanoi’s best average parking rate (1.5 parking lots per apartment), you won’t have to worry about waiting for elevator, limited parking…

Towards the satisfaction of residents with a green living environment, Starlake apartment is designed in harmony with nature, trees, lawns, walkways and common areas like: swimming pool, tennis yard… serving customer both in physically and mentally. More than that, Starlake apartment really became the “real home” for each family. The rental potential is also one of the attraction of Starlake apartment in particular and Starlake in general. The project is a gathering of 25 Grade A office buildings and 8 government departments on the project starting in 2018.

Starlake apartment building is now under construction, officially launched model house and started to welcome visitors from 22/05/2018, promises to bring out an ideal place to invest or settle for customers.

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